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Strong & Fast Foot Peeling 40g

Dhs. 23.00
SKU: 8809273163458

AHA ingredient, Shea Butter, Pomegranate Extract

Removes dead skin cells, improves skin tone.

Contains vitamins C and A to help nourish and moisturize rough and dry skin, making it soft and smooth.

With 5 times increase in hyaluronic acid.

-Exfoliates and removes dead skin cells without irritation.

-Helps freshen up and eliminate foot odor.

-Improves hard and rough skin to make your feet soft and smooth.

After washing your feet, cut the foot sheets with scissors and separate them one by one, and then wrap the stickers around your ankles to fix them.

After 30 minutes, remove the foot sheet and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. After about 4-6 days, the dead skin cells on your feet will naturally come ofF.